1. Michael Huntington-Smitherson

    I am sorry for the delay in contacting your good selves. I was at the Saint George’s day parade celebrations. I have been attending the event anally and have to say the band sounded totally different, in a good way. I was very impressed when you played abide with me outside the church. I was even more impressed inside our beautiful church. You formed at the alter and produced this wave of passion. You have definitely improved since last summer, I am not musical in any way shape or form but I noticed that the band seemed more disciplined, obviously Mr Thompson has now retired all I can say is welldone to whoever chose your conductor. He has sharpened you all up.
    We at Parwich would love to see you again. I would have no hesitation in recommending yourselves.

  2. Mr Hilton

    Sorry this thank you note is so late.
    You performed for my parents, Tom and Biddy Hilton at Hassop Hall on 9th August on their 70th wedding anniversary. I’d like everyone who came to know how very much their performance was enjoyed by all of us. My father was very emotional about the whole thing and it really made the occasion truly memorable. I like to think that the inclusion of “He’s my brother” in the programme was a deliberate reference to the very recent passing of my uncle, Edward Hilton. Anyway, we all took it that way and found it very moving and thoughtful of the band. We have happy memories of the day.

  3. Sean

    Many thanks to the band for last night at the club, it was a very enjoyable evening.

  4. Sue Birks

    Thoroughly enjoyed my first rehearsal at band last week! After moving to the area, I chose to join Dove Holes Brass Band due to a recommendation, and the fact the band do not contest. After contesting for many years, I am relieved to join a band who put in time and effort to have a great sound and aim to provide a great concert for the public!

  5. Hannah Lauren

    Thank you so much to all that played at the funeral today [19th February in Buxton] for Geoff, my Granddad. It brought such a personal note to the service as music was such a big part of him. The whole family were very moved and touched. Thank you.


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